Britney Spears may return to "Glee"

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Britney Spears may return to "Glee" - Yahoo! News

From the article:

... "Britney Spears just filmed a cameo in an season two episode of Fox hit show "Glee," but there is already buzz about bringing her back.Show co-creator Ryan Murphy hinted at a potential return engagement of the music star in a chat with television entertainment news show "Access Hollywood." ...

(Pardon me because this comment might be insensitive to some readers, but I wonder if she will shave hear head for us ...) LOL! Go for the ratings!


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Well, not insensitive exactly, but Britney has come a long way. I think she's worked hard to regain her career and her life. I don't know if she's really all the way there yet, but I think she deserves a shot and maybe the jokes should stop until or unless she has a relapse. Just my 2 cents, of course. :}