Broadcast had 89 of the top 100 most watched shows for the season


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The 2010-’11 television season is in the history books, although summer programming continues until the new season begins in September. TVB has been crunching the numbers from The Nielsen Company and finds that broadcast TV network had the top eight shows in the big money 18-49 demo and 89 of the top 100.

Of course, #1 was the Super Bowl, which this year was on Fox. The NFL claimed the top four spots, in fact, with the Academy Awards at #5. The top scripted show was “Glee” on Fox – the special showing which followed (you guessed it) The Super Bowl. It was #7.

Sports also scored big for cable, accounting for all of the nine programs making the top 100 in all of television. The highest-rated cable program in 18-49 was the BCS Championship Game on ESPN, at #8.
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Note these are ratings for particular episodes, not highest ratings for a particular series.