Broadcast network logos and graphics flashing across the TV screen


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I'm talking about the logo stuff and promos that get flashed across the screen when a show is on and they sometimes take up 10-20% of the screen. It's getting to be a nuisance and some of the biggest offenders are the largest networks, NBC, ABC, Fox, and even CW to name a few. Has anybody noticed its been getting worse?


The promos for new shows on NBC for the past couple of years have been pretty blatant to the point of blocking content.


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I agree, I am watching WRBW out of Orlando and their channel logo bug is about 5% of the screen. Even that to me is obnoxious.


Yup advertising overlays are increasing, perhaps to some extent testing the waters in anticipation of using them to help address the impending revenue crisis being caused by commercial avoidance in general. For now, almost all of the overlays are just in-network advertising. I have only seen two overlays advertising a consumer product. However, that will change, if consumers don't pave a different path (such as a big increase in HBO and Showtime subscriptions).
Are you talking about animated logos during commercial breaks or the ones which show with the 'logo bug' with something like:

Beauful Life
Series Premiere
Wed 9PM

CW 19

I hate overly promoted stuff. by the time it actually comes on you're already sick of it.