Broadcasters busy with online tie-ins for election

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My Way News - Broadcasters busy with online tie-ins for election

From the article:

"After losing viewers to cable news networks on recent election nights, television's biggest broadcasters are fighting back hard for the midterm contest.

ABC, CBS and PBS will each stream part of their election-night coverage on the Web on Tuesday, and NBC and ABC plan six hours of results lasting into early Wednesday morning. The networks will involve some of the biggest and most popular websites - Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo! - in delivering their versions of the news." ...


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How does using Facebook or Youtube keep you from losing viewers to Fox News? It's not the news that is being reported, it's the slant in which it is presented. Adding outlets isn't going to help when people don't want to watch your liberal bias. (I'm not saying by this that Fox News is simply "Fair and Balanced." I recognize that Fox is biased, but understand why people would rather watch it than broadcast network news.)