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i'm sure this is not the right place to ask this. i have been a xfinity internet user for years. 2 weeks ago i had to contact xfinity to reset my password. this was a tech online chat. they informed me hey your paying 85 a month for just internet. so for 82.99 you can keep your same speed internet and get 60 channels for the price of 82.99. so i tell them ok go ahead and do it. so i copy and paste the transaction to my computer just in case. so i get this box in the mail and the only thing in it is a self installation book. no cable box. so i call xfinity on saturday the 15th and they tell me it was an error on their end and they would have to send me a box and it would take 3 to 5 business days. i called xfinity again today and the woman said there was nothing on my bill about tv. she also proceeded to tell me that i'm paying 95 dollars a month for my internet when i have the bill that was jus paid on 10/15 showinfg 82.95 a month. so she proceeded to try and sell me packages where my internet would be downgraded. so i told her i had this chat copy where the person stated that it would be 82.95 a month for 150mbps and 60 channels. well we couldn't reach an agreement and i told her i'd just keep my internet. so then i had to go on xfinity and reset my password again. because for some reasonthe password that i was typing in right did not work.so the agent i'm cgatting with online tells me that he can get me my 150mbps and 40 cvhannels for 63.95. so although i would like to have the local channels i don't know which person to trust. also the guy i chatted with tonight told me i was paying 90 dollars a month for my internet. once again my bill shows differently

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