Bungled Bundle from At&T/ Directv - DirecTV

Went to the AT&T store and got what I thought was a good deal, Uverse internet 24mbps and Directv. The Directv install went without a hitch and then Uverse installer showed up. Installer said there is no one in my location is getting 24, maybe 18 at best. He says to try it out and if it doesn't work, then cancel it as you have 30 days.

Well the 30 days is approaching so I cancel the Uverse because it just can't compete with my cable internet. However, not only cannot I simply cancel Directv without paying an ETF but I now lose the 2 year price Guarantee. They said since I cancelled Uverse that I was only eligible for 1 year of discounts but to call back after the year had passed and to see what discounts are available at that time. Told them that I"m not going to do that and I will just cancel after the year is up. They really suggested that I still call in which of course I will and promptly cancel.

I asked about the bundling promotion for wireless and Directv but it turned out that I was not eligible as it has not been 2 years since I was a customer last. That was news to me as I was told by the fine folks at the AT&T store that I was eligible.

Well that got me thinking, am I going to get my $200 reward card for switching since they do not view me as a new customer. Still waiting on this one.

This hole process has been waste of time. Starting from my interaction at the At&t store where I wasn't told the truth about internet speeds and rewards cards to the ineffectiveness of dealing with front line customer support (all nice people by the way), this whole process has been a waste of time. Seriously considering cancelling the Directv eating the ETF and taking my $200+ AT&T cell phone with me over to Cricket where I can still use the AT&T infrastructure.

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