'Burn Notice' Season 7 Episode 2 Recap – 100th Episode Features Firefights and Fires

On the 100th episode of the series, "Burn Notice," fireworks were surely in order after Michael Westen and Agent Strong were on their way back to Miami from the Dominican Republic. What did you miss if you didn't catch last night?

View attachment 2434 The show opens with Maddy, Sam and Jesse talking about Michael. Maddy was upset about leaking information on Michael to Dexter Gamble. Sam and Jesse tried to reassure her, but she thinks she killed her son. Maddy heads to the FBI building to find someone to talk to about Michael. When she gets in the elevator, it suddenly stops and reverses to the top floor. When the door opens, Michael was waiting.

Michael told his mom that they couldn't speak at her house for safety reasons. Michael told her that they are following his friends' investigation. He coldly tells her that she needs to stop calling and wait for him to come back. As Michael went to leave, Maddy asked if she could hold her son before getting back on the elevator. When Michael met with Strong, he walked into a room where he saw his friends being watched. When Michael sees Fi with her new man, he stops and flashes back to when he first saw her and throughout the show, more flashbacks are shown about their past. He overhears someone informing Fi where to find Gamble.

When Fi, Sam, Jesse and Carlos arrive at the location, they are under siege by two shooters. Fi took one out and nearly out of ammo, Michael came in unseen to take out the last shooter. Everyone thought Sam got the last shooter, but Fi looked towards the car Michael was hiding in. Inside the warehouse, their friend Dixon was called in to check the computer. He found the location of where phone calls are being routed to. Michael is camped out on a roof with a sniper rifle when Michael's friends show up.

Fi thinks their operation is going to be ruined by the gardener next door but it turns out to be Gamble. They find where Fi was and find the rag that was used to knock her out. We next see Fi tied up with Gamble questioning her. The crew was tracking down leads when Sam got a phone call from Gamble. He threatens to kill Fi if he doesn't get a conversation with Michael. Sam told him that he could get a satellite phone conversation with Michael. Michael stole a car from an agent and cut off his friends on en route to Fi's location.

Strong shows up and says the operation is blown but Michael says he has a plan where the only person that dies is Gamble. Instead of Sam appearing at the meeting, Michael takes over. Gamble gave his demands to Michael who said he would give him what he wants after speaking to Fi. One of the flashbacks involved a line "it's time to be brave little angel," which Fi once told Michael was a phrase that meant take cover and pray until it's over. When he got her on the phone, he said that line, she dropped to the floor and the assault team fired bullets into the building, killing Gamble.

Outside the building, Michael is waiting for Fi, but she goes right into the arms of Carlos, which seemed pretty terrible considering it was Michael who saved her. After the attack, Michael, Sam and Jesse were talking about the mission. Michael went to Fi and she was happy he remembered her story. As he went to move towards her, she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, which when they were in Dublin he said "was the kiss you give when it's over."

It was a great 100th episode that featured a little of everything, just not a happy ending for Michael and Fiona fans.