Burn Notice, Season 7 Episode 3 Recap – Sniper Galore

Last week, we saw Michael Westen and company put an end to Dexter Gamble in Miami, but back in the Dominican Republic, what kind of adventure did Michael get into this week?

View attachment 2460 Michael met with Randall Burke and they were talking to a man that was supposed to steal a truck for them. The man tried changing the terms and Burke stabbed him. Afterwards, he asked Michael about his two friends in Miami that can help. Michael convinced Agent Strong to let Sam and Jesse go to the DR to help with the job. Maddie was at the park with Charlie when two men came up to her and told her that Nate's gambling debts were hers now. Fi convinced her not to pay the debt, as any other shark that he owed money to would be coming around once word spread.

In the DR, the police were already en route to the landing site but Michael blew up the plane to block the road. The four of them talked over the job and Burke told Sam that if Michael is seen to use his sniper rifle to take him out. Back at Maddie's house, Fi explained her plan to put a GPS tracker in her jewelry so they can find it later on and steal it back. The gambling shark Leo came to the house and took what Maddie had to pay and gave her three days to pay the rest of the debt.

Back at the warehouse where the truck is, Michael is getting into a truck and was spotted by a guard, but Sam shot him. Strong told Sam and Jesse that they were going to be heading back home, but Sam said that they weren't going anywhere until the job was done. In Miami, Fi and Maddie were waiting outside the office of Leo. When they saw him leave, they found the jewelry box through the wall with a scanner and work together to rig up the explosives.

Sam and Jesse don't like the looks of the location of the deal for the truck, but Strong wouldn't listen to him. Another "bad guy" named Serrano. When it came to the terms of the deal, Burke killed Serrano's security and told him that he didn't want his money, only him. He said the people he worked for wanted him, so that's what they would get. With a helicopter incoming, Jesse tried to tell Strong to get his snipers under cover, but it was too late. The pilot radioed to Burke telling him that it was hot. Burke thought it was Serrano who made him think it was Michael. To save himself, Michael got Sam to shoot at him by moving towards the window and he had Burke's trust again. The three men then jumped into a helicopter and fled the scene.

Maddie met with Leo to settle their debt. She told him that she found his black book and told her that the money she took was going to Charlie's college fund. Leo agreed to not come around anymore. On the helicopter, Michael told Burke that he deserves answers and was told that all answers would be revealed with time.