Buy HDTV now or wait till Holiday Season?


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I wanna buy a LCD but I always buy a day or week before a huge sale. So I just want to know if there are going to be any sales coming during the Holidays or if there is a better time to buy a TV? :):bunny::coca_cola_can:


November and December typically offer really good sales, but if you wait long enough, January usually has some of the best sales on electronic items because of overstock that stores didn't sell before Christmas.

It's really hard to predict though. 30" and smaller LCD TVs are so cheap right now.


Just a few suggestions,

do some comparisons at Google's Shopping service: Google Product Search

What I like to do is go to a store and locate a part nuimber and pricing of a particular item, in your instance, HDTV, and then go to Google's price comparison service and see which offers the cheapest pricing.

Now, my favorite service is NexTag - Compare Prices Before You Buy for finding a charted history of pricing on particular products. Here's a chart of a Samsung LNT5271F 52" LCD HDTV for example: Samsung LN-T5271F 52" LCD TV: Compare Prices, View Price History and Read Reviews at NexTag You can see where the price dipped around the winter holidays, but it's steadily increased in price since then.

Good luck and do your research, it'll save a lot of money. :)


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Here are what most people do....

They either just buy whenever....or they research obsessively and thus wait through several seasons of sales, by that time what they researched and were waiting for a good deal on has dropped in price and they can pick it up finally.

May & June is also a good time for flat panel sales.

I bought my Vizio GV42LF in August with a slickdeal at Sears, right before football season (which is also a good time to buy).....for $707 2 years ago. This year Walmart just had 42" Vizio LCDs on sale for $598.

So...its been good for buyers for years now as prices keep falling. Eventually you come to a point where you are tired of waiting and just jump in. At some point, a wall will be hit though, and prices wont keep falling, we may be near that point.

OT Last years Vizio 120Mhz 42 and 47 inch models are gems....and also the 505 50" Plasma with HQV Reon processing and a Panasonic panel.