Bye Bye AMC and OLTL


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Well, Prospect Park has pulled the plug on their plans to air All My Children and One Life to Live on the internet. I was skeptical at the beginning and feared it would mess up the endings. It did on AMC, which ended up with a cliff hanger type of ending. It was a shame and so sad to go out like that. At least OLTL can now have an honorable exit.
Not to play into conspiracy BUT the canceling of this two shows to me signifies significant changes to the structure of an already useless daytime line up on the networks....filled with talk shows, doctors, judges and well plain trash (Springer)....the Soap Operas seem to be the last little bit of dignity the networks had during the day this yet another step to slowly kill off Free OTA? Inquiring minds want to know....


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
I don't think Brian Frons, who canned the shows and just stepped down as the head of daytime programming for ABC, could think that deep!
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