Bye, Bye RTV-25

I just read on Jake's DTV Blog the worst news, and one more reason to hurry with getting my antenna ready for reliable WPSD-DT reception: BattleStar Galactica, is gone. now THAT's going too far!

I had to find an alternative for Friday Nights by watching another favorite when Knight Rider and A-team go bye bye on that night, by watching CBS's airing of Ghost Whisperer (thank you CBS!) but when they take out one of the BEST Sci Fi series ever on RTV in favor of yet another 'monster hop' moment (which is NOT retro!!!) that's it. they do NOT play BSG on any other night. and if it's gone, so is that channel.

I tried so hard, RTV 25, but that's the last straw! *DELETE*

I never cared for WEHT ABC much anyways so the fact it goes with it doesn't phase me. get it? phase? oops that's Star Trek.


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Putting "Chiller Drive-In" on the schedule was not WEHT's decision, so switching to WPSD isn't going to do you any good. This is an RTV move, and it'll be the same on all of the stations which carry RTV, at least as far as I know at this point.

"Knight Rider" and "A-Team" were both on last night, no sports.
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Oh, Frak! you mean i can't even find BSG on PSD either?!

I hope that it can at least be on Sunday, at least that's the way they did with Black Sheep Squadron, since it was also taken over by a non-retro horror theatre.

What is it with all these horror theatres and being after halloween where they'd be watched for the holiday.

I thought all RTV markets were different? (i mean, some shows listed on the RTV website don't show any longer here, and they're not being pre-empted for sports so that's not to blame)

Being friday i was expecting sports to take over then but i guess they played normal schedule. oh well. you never can predict sports.

Shame i can't see Galactica any more. sheesh. and i just got WPSD to get 6 bars on my box too. clear as glass. i couldn't get the EPG beyond 6:30 Dragnet so i couldn't even get a glimpse of what was on.

Did RTV at least spare Buck Rogers? i mean that's all that's left aside from taped episodes of Black Sheep. leaving the Battlestar Galactica (darn i loved that show, the original! they only sell the remake in stores here) slot open and my TV schedule completely off-kilter.
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Some shows RTV lists on their site have never aired here, except during the transition of the operations from Little Rock to Chattanooga back in January, when everyone's schedules got upended.
I'm just glad i got the news from your blog, as opposed to me finding out when tuning in, only to be more angry since i didn't find out ahead.

there's nothing worse to a fan of the original Battlestar than tuning in to find some halloween style horror thing in its place. heck my avatar is Battlestar because i just can't resist my weekly fix. it's a great, if not underrated show.


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Well, I'm glad you got it from me as well, if it had to come from somewhere. Every once in a while I post a nugget of useful info.


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I'm seeing BSG on right now on WSET 13-2. I'm a fan as well and would have been upset about it disappearing.

- Trip


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Hmmm ... I actually got word from Chiller Drive-In's director's assistant that it would be at 9PM here. Maybe there was a problem, or a schedule change, or something. I dunno.

Could someone drop me a line ( or and tell me if it comes on @ 10? I can and will check for myself, but am also watching the ND/Stanford game and might miss it.
Probably 10. it's showing in my EPG in place of the normal showing of 'Midnight Monster Hop' but it's labeled 'movie' and 'Night Gallery' after that. this is with my Samsung SIR-451 HD tuner.

Either way, it's a relief, sorry for the outburst. when it threatens Battlestar Galactica, that's where i get angry.

BTW did anyone else notice the new 'black and white' RTV logo bug?
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Forget my earlier post. It is on at 10:00, not 9:00. Apparently my source was not fully cognizant of the time difference between Detroit and Evansville.
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