Question: Bypass internal TV QAM tuner for DTA to get analog audio for Home Theatre.



We were converted to DTV by MetroCast recently which required DTA boxes. Prior to the conversion, I was able to get an audio (& video) signal via the analog coax cable from the wall, then coax to an Emerson DVD/VHS combo component, then coax to an RCA 20F424T tv (w/qam tuner but no audio outputs). Then, I could use the composite audio outputs on the VHS/DVD to an A/V Tuner for Home Theatre. Since the conversion, the internal QAM tuner, (which was irrelevant prior to the conversion) will not allow an audio signal to pass thru the coax cable from the wall apparently because it's a digital signal. I've now decided to try the MetroCast DTA box in an effort to get my audio via the original coax for Home Theatre. QUESTION: How can I bypass the QAM internal TV tuner in order to use the DAT box (w/analog pass through) so that my audio comes through for home theatre. The TV has it's own channel scanning process WITH the QAM tuner and the DTA box has IT's own scanning/programming process. How can I eliminate the QAM in the signal chain/process?