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I picked up a 12 foot comtech portable c band dish. It has a dual lnb feedhorn on it. I put new lnbs in it(dmx211) and I am able to pickup channels on 99w with the horizontal lnb. I cannot pickup anything on the Vertical side. This feedhorn has a motor on it and a couple sprockets that I think spins the feedhorn. I am not sure what this is for (skew?) or how to set it up. I am interested in getting some ITC channels on Cband. I have both lnbs connected to a multiswitch. The feedhorn has some debris in it. Could this affect my signal? it has some cobwebs and whatnot inside. sat lnbs.jpg



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I took a look at G-16, and didn't see any FTA Vertical for CBand. (PTV-yes but FTA-no)
Ha, I admit that "C" is not my forte, but if you want, you can take a look at...
Galaxy 16 @ 99° West - frequencies - freq - channels - packages :: TrackSat.com
Also, IF the dish had a rotator on it to start with ??, wouldn't skew been dealt with by it.
And if it didn't, I can't imagine why you'd need to rotate the LNB's, save for setup.
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