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This question is about "C3000-100NAS Modem Hangs/Packet Loss when playing games. [Orange County]", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I live in Santa Ana and I bought this modem yesterday replacing the one Time Warner Cable gave me and I started having increased ping and packet loss with these games...before when I had the other modem everything was fine but I cant really keep paying the rental fee so I went out and bought my own.

Its a NetGear C3000-NAS100 (wired Ethernet to desktop)

it is up to date.

I also rebooted several times and even tried a factory reset but problem still persists.

This also happened a month back too with the other modem it lasted 3 days....unfortunately support couldn't find the problem so I waited it out and it fixed iteslf but with this new modem Im not sure what the problem is.

Diablo 2 (Ping Spikes)

Path of Exile (Ping Spikes)

Overwatch (increased ping and disconnects from servers)


Upstream/Downstream Channels


Orange County, Santa Ana

C3000-100NAS Modem Hangs/Packet Loss when playing games. [Orange County]?
If you can't afford the rental fee, which is usually pretty small, then I doubt you bought a comparable modem - even given how poor they modems they provide are - and that's probably why you're having issues - on top of likely not seeing it up properly.
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