C61 not compatible LG 4K in HDR Mode - DirecTV

C61 not compatible LG 4K in UHD Mode:

I have a C61 / HR54-500 / Integra DSX-3 / OLED65B6P all firmware up to date.

Audio problems persist on the C61 unless I use optical out which is fine with me. My big problem is that when I switch to a 4K channel on the C61 I get no picture unless I switch the LG TV to non- HDR mode. Thereafter, I do see an obvious 4K picture but it's a pain to switch as the LG has to reboot to change that mode. Note that my other devices such as Roku Ultimate 4K do work in HDR/UHD mode and that I have the same issues when bypassing the Integra and going directly into the LG. (just with the C61)

I understand the C61 may not output HDR but it shouldn't fail when attached to an HDR 4K TV. Other non-HDR 4K devices don't have that issue.

I realize my LG has an RVU but I can't use that as it is built into the wall and I do have an HDMI 2/2.2 cable but no coax as it was set up and the wall 'closed' before RVU was out.
I should not be having the C61 compatability issue in this configuration. Anyone have any ideas?

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