C61K-700 not playing nice with xbox one s / denon for 4k compatibility? - DirecTV

Hello everyone,

I have a C61K-700 with an HDMI connection in to a new Xbox One S. From there it goes to a new Denon AVR-S720W, and then to a Vizio P series 4k TV.

I believe the entire chain of devices is HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 compatible. THe xbox upscales the video output to 2160p, and the Denon is configured for 4k pass-through. This all works and the TV does show a 2160p resolution for watching regular TV, for example.

However, switching to one of Directv's 4k channels (104) displays the following error:
"Your TV doesn't support 4k content. You are watching it in 1080p".

The video does play, and the TV still shows a resolution of 2160p. Is this just a wrong error message, or is there some incompatibility between these devices in the chain?

I should note that when the C61K gets plugged in to the TV 'directly', this error does not show, and the 4k Channel displayes properly without error.

Any insight or ideas would be appreciated!

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