Cable box and audio drop outs & replacement box difficulty



Some time ago I posted a similar question thinking my Tv was responsible. I have ruled that out. I am an 88 years old long time Comcast customer and am having annoying audio drop outs on my TV ( both live and recorded programs). An Since I have a new Samsung smart tv with no history of audio issues an Xfinity employee feels it is the leased cable box at fault which is an older version (Pace PX013ANC). I have had frustrating difficulty getting a replacment for this box in he past. I need this type cable box because it has audio out RCA connections I wire link to my older analog stereo player. The newer cable boxes that Xfinity is pushing lack these audio out connections. If I am unable to get an Xfinity replacement of a cable box with audio out RCA ports I may be forced to go with the newer box - if so, this same Comcast employee thinks there is an adapter available from Xfinity or a 3rd party retailer that would allow me to continue to use my older expensive analogue stereo.
Any suggestions or guidance would be welcomed,

"Cable box and audio drop outs & replacement box difficulty," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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