Cable box freezing

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Hi guys. Did a few searches of the site and Ecosia, but wasn’t able to find a similar situation, though it seems like it would be common. Apologies I’m advance if there’s a million of these threads.

While watching NHL Center Ice I’ll commonly have periods where the picture will freeze. Sometimes I’ll have audio, sometimes not. Sometimes the audio happens while the picture is frozen and then the audio will pause and the picture “fast forwards” to catch up. Sometimes the whole thing freezes and I can’t change channels, pull up a menu or guide, or get any response.

I figured it might just be the stream, but I have similar hanging or freezing issues when trying to use HBO Max, which is almost impossible. Search within that app won’t let me get beyond a the first character and will just freeze until I hit power.

I’ve tried a few system refreshes over the past few months, but since these things usually happen during games I never really try while it’s happening.

I’m guessing it’s maybe a bum box, but I’m definitely not a pro.

If you all can help, that’s awesome, otherwise I’ll assume it’s a bad box and set an appointment to swap it out at the store.

Thank you!

"Cable box freezing," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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