Cable box - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Cable box", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Hi i recently moved and switched to Charter triple play gold and i am not happy with the dvr boxes i was given at the local store. I was wondering if i could be given an modern boxes that will have Navigator instead of I-Guide. I was given the DCH6416 boxes. If possible i'd like Arris, Cisco or Samsung. I really liked the recent update to Navigator and would prefer to get it back on more modern box if possible. The boxes i was given are a nightmare to use. There's no HD guide or menus. Using On-Demand is painful. There seem to be no way to go back to the previous menu which means you have to exit On-Demand and start over. Then the dvr itsefl is not working right. It is not recording scheduled recordings. The record light comes on but nothing records. The only way it records is if i hit the record button.

This topic covered Cable box, and TWC cable tv service.

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