Cable Card no OOB lock - XFinity

Can you help with a problem? I got a HDHomeRun Prime and got a cable card and activated it. I am getting no OOB lock so I don't get any guide data or channel lineup and can't scan the channels. I can manualy tune programs so I know the cable card is working. The call reps had me swap the card with no change.

From my googling there is a headend problem and the cable card is not programed correctly and that needs to be handled at the local level, I have not figured out how to get the call reps to escalated to this level, they seem very hesitant to escalate any calls.

Network Setup

2-Way: Unknown
Rx RF Freq: 104.20-IT LKC: 75.25N
Tx RF Freq: ---.-- Power: --
EMM ID/PID: --/--
VCTID: 13 OOB Msgs: 0
VCT: 0 OOB-rate: 0
NIT: 0 XAIT: 0
NTT: 0 CVT: 0
STT: 0 EAS: 0
Full Tx: 0 Full Rx: 0

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