Cable card Pairing Issue - XFinity

I have recently paired a Comcast supplied cablecard with a purchased Motorola DCX3200M (P3) set-top box. All basic channels work including HD. However all premium channels, On-demand, and DVR services do not function. TV screen shows "Failed to contact the on-demand server. Please call customer service for assistance.[CL-0x000f]" when attempting on-demand and shows "DVR Service Unavailable, DVR service is not available or is currently disabled. Please call your cable operator. 1-800-xfinity" when attempting DVR options. Both in the typical Comcast blue screen warning format.

I have called the cablecard support number but the poor person on the phone had little background in trying to deal with a customer owned set-top box. We went through the typical powering off and sending a reset signal but all this did was reboot the guide. She did attempt to get the support of her supervisors but this didn't help. Right now we have a technician scheduled but based on what I have read online I believe I have a better chance through this forum to get connected to an cablecard expert at Comcast.

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This question, "Cable card Pairing Issue," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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