Cable Converter Box



Can you purchase a single converter to put on the main cable line, so you don't have to have a converter box for every tv in the house?


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You can, with some gotchas.

First, if you simply connect the output to your home's coax inline, every TV will be displaying the same channel unless you get a really expensive solution with receivers and modulators like the cable headends do. At that point you may as well just get a converter box for every TV.

You'll need some means to control the box. Probably an IR extender of some sort.

RadioShack and others sold a home video distribution system where you could share a VCR or other device across multiple TVs by inserting channels in the UHF spectrum. Basically a mini cable system for your home. Still available: Channel Plus 3025 Multi-Room Video Distribution System - Smarthome

But really if you're going this route you may as well just get a converter box for each TV, and there are so many better ways today to distribute video such as a HTPC and XBOXes.