Cable disruptions in NJ area? - XFinity

Ayone else experienceing ongoing problems in the New Jersey area since Sunday? I have three Tv's in my house. One is a HDTV with a HD box ( RNG150N ) and gets a signal but most channels HD or not says " channel will be available shorty". For example ESPN HD works fine but any of the local channels or news channels don't work. Another TV that in not HD has the small box about the size of a deck of cards and gets some channels but the local channels 2, 4, 7..etc are all scrambled with intermitten audio. My third TV is a HDTV with a non HD box ( RNG100 ) and get every channel with no issues. Pretty confusing huh? I suppose it's a Comcast issue. If it were my cable lines I would think not a single channel would work anywhere.