Cable Lines


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How are cable lines actually put in to a brand new house? and if I were to have internet cable and T.V lines ran out to a rural area how much exactly would that cost and why does it cost so much to get lines in a new area?


You have stated in other posts you have cable already so why would you need cable run out to a rural area? Anyways for just one house cable companies won't do it. Even if they did do it, for say 5 miles you could expect to get billed at least $200,000 probably more.


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Even if they did do it, for say 5 miles you could expect to get billed at least $200,000 probably more.
I doubt any cable company would do that for anyone if the house down a five mile stretch of road is the only one. There needs to be a certain number of homes along the way for any cable company to consider a new road to wire.

Remember, besides the cost of cable and aquiring the rights to use the utility poles along the way, the cable will use extra electric for signal boosters along the way so the long term cost to the cable company will be quite high.

If a cable company is thinking about servicing a new area, they will first look to see how many potential customers there might be then survey them all to see what kind of interest there is.

For someone with no access to cable, if OTA or satellite is possible, that would be the only choice(s).

To the OP, instead of asking what is better like you did in other posts, pick up your local phone book to see what cable company (if any) is available to you. As said in other posts, it is almost 100% certain you do not have a choice.

If high speed internet is what you are looking for and cable is not possible, Wild Blue might be your only option.

Also, is the house finished? Did you wire the inside before finishing the walls? If not, that is sort of like putting the cart before the horse. It will be much harder to hide the inside wiring.