Cable Modem "Not Connected" Bug in Xfinity My Account App - XFinity

I have reported this issue to technical support and I think they gave up. No one seems to be able to fix it. The issue is that the Xfinity My Account app reports my cable modem as "Not Connected". I am able to restart it from the app and the modem works just fine. Not exactly sure when this issue started (maybe a few months ago). It is more of an annoyance than anything. Again...modem works just fine. The app is simply bugged and showing "Not Connected".

Modem model = MB8600

I have signed-out of the app and deleted/reinstalled the app several times.
Technical support has also done several refreshes from their end.
I have used a paper clip to reset the modem and I have manually power cycled several times.

At this point, I think it is a bug with the mobile app.

I am running version for Apple iOS 12.3

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