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My cable modem is the original one I bought when we got cable broadband ages and ages ago. I'm hoping to get a new, non-dinosaur computer sometime soon. I was thinking that would be a good time to get a new modem. Would you recommend that? I've had Comcast techs tell me over the phone sometimes that they don't even detect my modem (cough, but I am connect so obviously it's being detected). If I do need a new one, I'm guessing there's probably a certain brand I have to buy. I remember when I got this one I had to make sure it was on a list. Would this still be true?


Happen to have the model # on your cable modem? Most likely a new one won't improve download/upload speeds.

A new computer should help though because if I recall, you have a WIN 98 operating system on your old one right?


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That doesn't sound right, I'm not sure why you would need a new modem. I've had Comcast before and didn't need to switch.

Would it made a difference if the modem stayed the same or would a new one actually be needed for a newer computer if it had a newer version of windows? How do these modems work on different computers is what I mean?


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Not being a techie, I don't know how much it matters. Maybe a tech was trying to make a sell by telling me they couldn't read the modem. It's many years old now. Let me see if it has the model number on so it's readable for me ....RCA Model DCM245R.


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After upgrading to my new computer, the old RCA modem worked just fine. However, after a few days, I was having to unplug and plug it back in to recycle. In time, I came to realize the problem wasn't the modem, but bandwidth because I've been doing a lot of torrent downloading and it hogs the bandwidth.

However, I decided to get a new modem after talking to some technicians. While the modem does work fine, it wasn't made for today's speed. I replaced it with Motorola's modem, the first one designed for DOCSIS 3.0. Now while we don't have 3.0 here yet (we have 2.0), I instantly noticed faster speed from using this up to date modem.

So -- my conclusion is that the old modems do work, but the newer ones made to handle faster speeds do give you increased download speeds.