Cable Programming May Win Emmys, But Viewers Don't Care


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Cable TV Ratings Dropped Across the Board Last Year

Advertising-supported cable television posted year-over-year decreases in the primetime daypart across households, persons 2-plus and adults 25-54 in both the summer and regular season of 2011-12. On a household basis, decreases were more significant during the regular season (-4%) than in the summer (-2.6%), which, TVB said, demonstrated that the Summer Olympics on broadcast television was not the only factor in the recorded declines.

For the first week of the 2012-13 broadcast season, including findings that show that the time-shifted portion of broadcast television’s same-day top 20 fall premieres outpaced the total audience (live + same day) of the majority of cable television’s highest-rated original summer programming.
“Cable networks have moved swiftly over the last several years to introduce high-profile original series during the summer at a time when broadcast television networks are primarily offering repeat programming. However, the audience for broadcast television in the summer season continues to significantly dwarf the audience for cable television’s first run programming which includes a number of critically acclaimed series.
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The Emmys really prove to be to be much about nothing. What the TV industry says about its self is one thing, what people actually watch is something else. So, why are you still paying for what you don't actually watch?


So, why are you still paying for what you don't actually watch?
I don't. I cut the cord years ago. Now I specifically target only those shows that interest me. Having the TV on in the background isn't something I want anymore.


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I admit to being a part of the TV generation that needs 'noise.' The only difference now is that a lot of times I'm listening to videos of Alfie Boe on the computer ... but still, I need music or the TV on most of the time. It's what I'm used to. I can't stand library quiet.
Yeah, I come and go on if I need the TV or other "white noise" on while at home if not actively watching a show! Now my teenager...she has to have something on 100 percent of the time, or she just goes nuts!! I've threatened to remove all TVs if her grades don't stay up (in high school), but she's keeping them up so far! She is probably the biggest Netflix viewer in our home as well.