Cable run for DTV - DirecTV

I recently switched to DTV. The installer came out to install, but basically turned right around and left. To make a long story short, I had to re-run the cable in my house. No issues there, I wanted to re-run the cable anyway. I rescheduled the install for next week to give me time to re-run the cable. I have since purchased new RG6 quad shield, an 8 way amplified splitter and 3ghz connectors for the wall. I have also ran all of the cables from the tv locations to a main point in the attic where the amplified splitter is and one source coming in to the splitter from outside. After running everything I read somewhere online that you cannot split DTV's signal. I am wondering if I have just wasted my time and money on the re-run. Thoughts, comments? Thanks.

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