Cable/ Satellite TV vs Streaming...

For those of you who use internet streaming as your sole programing, what would you say the out weighing benefits are for those who still use Cable or Satellite to switch? Especially those who have children who are still watching Disney Channel/ Nick....


The main benefit is cost. For roughly $30 per month you can get Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime, which I personally think is a far better deal than any cable or satellite service (which is probably anywhere from $50 to $150 a month depending on which company and channels you choose). Not everything is on those services, so if you're looking for particular shows you might be out of luck, but there is enough available that most people shouldn't run out of things to watch (unless they're very limited in what they like).

A secondary benefit is fewer commercials. I believe even Hulu (which has ads on most shows) does not put ads on "kids" programs. And Netflix/Amazon don't have commercials at all.

If your kids want the newest episodes as soon as they air, or their favorite shows aren't available, then you might not be satisfied with streaming, but if they'd be just as happy watching "repeats" or are too young to know that, that may not be an issue.

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