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I am thinking about making some changes to my cable service, but need some information on pricing first before I proceed. Currently I have an X1 double play with Blast Internet, as well as an HD DVR. For various reasons, I would like to downgrade my service to Limited Basic, while preserving my Blast Internet. I would also like to receive that Limited Basic service via a Cablecard.

Looking at the most recent price list that came via my Comcast bill, I understand I would pay a reduced price for Blast internet service with the Limited Basic service (coming to about $85-$90 for the two). My questions arise when looking at the cablecard. Namely, are there any additional fees on top of service for the cablecard? Also, are local HD channels included, or is there an additional fee for that as well? (I see looking at the fineprint on my bill that the $10 HD fee isn't levvied on limited basic customers, so just want to confirm).

If you need to know my location for pricing, it is State College, PA.

Thank you.

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