Cablevision Customers File $450 million Class Action Lawsuit


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From Hollywood Reporter:

The impasse between Cablevision and Fox over retransmission consent was bound to produce a good class action lawsuit.
A group of New York customers have filed one in federal court in New York, arguing that the cable company has an obligation to give its customers rebates for depriving them of Fox News, Glee, House, The Simpsons, New York Giants football, the MLB playoffs, and other content.
The plaintiffs are asking for about $450 million in damages, which is about the equivalent of one month's cable bill for the company's three million subscribers.
Full story:
Cablevision Customers File $450 million Class Action Lawsuit - THR, Esq.

(Of the $450 MILLION, I figure each customer will get about a dollar after the lawers take their cut)


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Cablevision has agreed to reimburse customers $10.00 if they subscribe to the World Series and watch on

Cablevision To Reimburse Subs for World Series Online
MSO Will Apply $10 Credit Within Two Billing Cycles

Mike Farrell -- Multichannel News, 10/27/2010 7:37:08 PM
A few hours before the start of the first game of Major League Baseball's World Series, Cablevision Systems said it would reimburse customers for the cost of watching the games online.
In a statement issued at 6:28 p.m., Cablevision said that its customers can watch the World Series games live on the Internet through and the MSO will fully reimburse them for the cost of online coverage. Game One of the World Series is scheuled to start at 7:57 p.m.'s 2010 Postseason.TV package features live coverage of all World Series games and includes the option of choosing from eight different fixed camera angles and displaying up to four cameras on the screen simultaneously, along with in-game highlights and other enhancements.
Customers who purchase the package and forward their purchase confirmation to Cablevision will have a $10 credit applied to their monthly bill within two billing cycles.
Fox Networks, which is airing the Series on its broadcast channels WNYW and WTXF, pulled its broadcast stations in New York and Philadelphia from Cablevision subscribers on Oct. 16.

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Mr. Pogi, Grand Wazoo:
Ooooh, very exciting to hear that Cablevision (that's also dba Comcast, right?) is being sued. Very good to hear! For real? I'm going to try to get in touch with the players to see if I can add my two cents. I know about their dirty rotten secret, that occurred at the beginning of the switch back in Feb. 2008. It proves Anti-Trust, although I'm not a legal expert, what they did felt extremely criminal and the FCC knew about it. Because I told them. Call me (Removed by Admin) or write here.
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Mr. Pogi, Grand Wazoo:
Do you have any contact information on the $450M class action lawsuit? It's weird that the contact/comment link is malfunctioning. Maybe you have better luck? Suzan

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You should be warning consumers to be warying about what these companies say. They are not a reliable source of information. They are liars. When people go to Solid Signal the 1st thing they ask them is their zip code. And then the lies begin.

They need to know exactly what antenna to get and why. And, the best antenna to buy in my very learned opinion is the Winegard SquareShooter. It's what I use and I love it, it never fails or goes out like cable. It's simply the best amplified antenna money can buy. Buy it and never ever again pay for tv. A rotor sweetens the deal, too.

I can pick up channels from much farther away than the 50 mile radius that it touts. Much further, NYC is the furthest and I'm on the eastern shore of DE, way south near the Ocean City, MD border. Tell me that isn't great! And yet no one is still talking about it.

Everyone's been brainwashed and think companies who advertise their wares are the only truth tellers when in fact, they are big fat liars and thieves.! Nothing but. Customer's need to know their facts before calling the liars. They'll tell you anything just to sell you something. Crap that you can't figure out how to use. It's crazy insane!
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Plus, there's the rub ... you said you get a commission. Those smarmy slimeball liars and thieves. I'll bet you didn't know that they were lying to callers, did you? I would hope not. I don't trust anyone who's in sales to tell me the truth about nothing. They are in business to lie. How the hell else are they going to sell products.?

When you can think independently for yourself, that's a very powerful thing. Because when you know better, you can do better.