CALM ACT: Making TV Commercials The Same Volume as Programming (update)

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I have been annoyed by high-volume TV Commercials as long as I can remember. Congress passed The CALM Act and the timetable for Broadcasters to implement it (comply) is rapidly approaching. For just once, bravo to Congress. Here's an update from an article I found on tvnewscheck

From the article by Frank Beacham:

"With FCC enforcement of the new TV loudness law set to begin at year’s end, audio vendors at April's NAB Show will be competing to supply gear and software that broadcasters will need to comply with the requirements.

The CALM Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) requires the FCC to regulate the audio of television commercials so they are not louder than the TV programming they accompany. Larger stations have to perform spot checks of commercials, while smaller stations will be required to spot-check only if there are complaints from viewers." ...