Can anybody tell me wht all is there in tv asia with dish network???

Shivani: Most in this forum live in North America, predominantly the USA, and have no knowledge of TV in Asia. Also, generally, non-technical TV programing related questions are posted in the "Entertainment & Music-TV" forum.
You might try posting in International Answers for the country or region you are inquiring about and you'll be communicatiing directly with people who live there and have personal knowledge.


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I understand you're looking for the TV Asia channel, disujapitter. That program is currently offered under both our Hindi Super Pack and Hindi Mega Pack. As of today, these packages are $39.99 per month and $49.99, respectively.

Hope that helps!
Does anyone have DISH Network if so how do you like it?I have the standard cable from a company I am tired of because they raise their rates too often. Does anyone have any alternatives to the old style wired cable.


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DISH is definitely an option. Their marketing is toward the low end of the market, so their pricing can be quite good. Also, if you watch mostly major network channels (ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX,CW, etc.), and you live in a good reception area, free TV using an over the air antenna may be the way to go. Over the air broadcasting is digital now, meaning it provides cyrstal clear HD and extra channels. Some of those extra channels are similar to cable channels like movie channels (THIS), TVland like channels (RTV, AntennaTV), sports channels (NBC-US, Untamed Sports). That may be a good option to consider before signing up for another service.

If you choose to pursue it go to TV Fool and get your report. It gives you predicted signal strengths and stations for your area. Greens, Yellows, and Reds are receivable given the appropriate antenna. If you post the URL link to your report we can help you. If you still have an analog TV you will need a converter box. AccessHD Digital to Analog Converter Box, 1080D - If you have an HDTV, or other digital TV, all you need is the antenna. DVRs are also available: Channel Master CM-7000PAL Antenna HD DVR: TV & Video

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