Can anyone click on and see the Blogs?

I can see the blog section no problem. Am using Google Chrome. On other forums, I have seen this and other strange issues arise when a major change has been made on the admin-side of the board. The only way to fix the issue was to clear the cache on the respective browser (Operating System independent). Not sure if that was the issue on here, but is pretty straightforward to rule out as a "stupid" fix.


I will try from home and clear out the cache as well. I wonder if the Barracuda filter in the office is doing it. It is very unpredictable.
Yeah, if you can see the rest of the board after clearing cache, then it is very likely the filter at work. Don't know why they would filter blogs and not the forum :) but if you have some capability, I'd recommend not mentioning it! It would be interesting to know if you had previously been able to see the blogs at work? If so, then it could be something like cache, etc. Or, the filter could have been upgraded/modified, etc.