Question: Can anyone explain the MTV Movie Awards to me?

Despite being nearly 20 years younger than Conan O'Brien, I felt exactly the same kind of alienation and confusion as this year's host did when confronted with a younger generation of music, TV and movie stars who might as well be from a parallel universe for all I could tell you about them. O'Brien talked about feeling old and disenfranchised at the awards (and this is a celebrity talk show host talking!) on Conan last night, and this was my experience to the letter.

Is there anyone out there who can fill me in on who half of the hosts, guests and winners were on Sunday night? If they're under 30, assume I don't know who they are! Does anyone else feel entirely cut off from popular culture when watching these things?


I watch no award shows of any kind. The industry giving itself a party. The culture thing on TV is constructed for media. There are so many artists self-publishing now that we could ignore mainstream music and still have more music than one could listen to in a lifetime. I remember a local band releasing a CD on Amazon. I was able to track its rank and sales numbers. It was ranked in the top thirty at one time during the first month. Under 200 CDs sold. The high ranking was due to the sheer number of CDs released on Amazon and how few of them actually sell. This band had their friends go to Amazon and buy the CD. This caused an unusual up-tick in the stats, triggering a top rating for a week.


I didn't watch that particular awards show, so I can't help you identify who was there (even if they're people who I would know). However, I think James' point is very relevant. There are so many different media choices today, with self-publishing becoming more respectable and the internet allowing an infinite "shelf space." So it's only natural that there are more awards shows with specific audiences and niches in mind. Just because you don't know who someone is doesn't mean they're not talented, nor does it mean anything about you. I come across people I don't know all the time, and I just look them up!
I suppose I just didn't realize quite how out of touch I was. I feel like I keep up with pop culture and mainstream entertainment but this felt like a whole other world of celebrity that was completely beyond me. As you have all said, niche demographics and choice are partly responsible but it seems like there's an unbridgeable polarization here between my idea of pop culture and the young one. Is this how it's always been or has it intensified recently?
I didn't even mention the award categories! I feel like I should enjoy such a wanton sabotage of tasteful awards-speak but they've replaced it with something equally as banal and offensive. I love the idea of a spoof awards show but this is just celebrating crap movies and movie-making. It's kind of like the Scary Movie franchise in awards ceremony form.