Can digital be broadcast in VHF...


...or are all digital transmissions UHF? I can pick up some digital transmissons but only on low frequency channels such as 3-1 and 6-1. I was wondering if maybe these are VHF digital transmissions and I will perhaps lose them next month.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Some channels broadcasted in UHF and some in VHF. You can view which channels in your area broadcast in UHF/VHF by putting your zip code into the form at

See this guide: HDTVexpert — DTV Tutorial

In fact, all existing VHF and UHF TV channels from 2 up to 51 are available for ATSC (digital terrestrial) broadcasting. It just so happens that most of the major TV markets have a full complement of VHF analog stations on the air, so the FCC assigned mostly UHF channels to be used during the transition years (1997 through 2008). The final choice of channel is largely up to each station, provided that another broadcaster hasn’t grabbed its desired resting place.