Can DirecTV get any worse?!? - DirecTV

As we all know, the DirecTV app doesn't have the ability to check your account or make a payment. What's worse is, when you click the account tab in the app, it opens a browser window for the mobile site, which then asks if you would like to open it in the app - it's a constant back and forth loop!
Then they screw up the mobile site! I try to log-in and it keeps sending me to a page to sign up for new service... Which is full of bugs, too!
So, I finally called in to make my payment... and that is all F'd up, too!!! But, I finally made my payment.
I then sent an email to the directv feedback address. I received an auto response, which provided me with links for help... and the links come up as a page that is no longer there!!!!!

I have stayed with DirecTV, because I believed the old saying, you get what you pay for... But, I'm not!!! I pay well over $100 per month and I am getting s**t for service! I think it's time to switch to Dish!

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