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This question is about "Can I add the Spectrum TV app to my legacy EarthLink Extreme Package?", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Topic header pretty sums up the question. I've been a EarthLink customer since 2011 (originally via Time Warner, now Spectrum & somehow Windscribe is also involved). Have paid my bill on time, every month since being a customer. Just don't get the perks which Spectrum customers are offered, like access to hotspots, etc. No big deal at this time, since I stay at home most of the time. Yet it would be great to offer the hotspot service for when needed.

That said, am not a 'full' or 'pure' Spectrum customer, although I can log in and pay my bill on the site, also whom I receive the biil from. They do provide the excellent service like Time Warner did, exchanging my modem when needed. The employee at local office who assisted me was very kind & professional at the same time, if I could rate her service, would be a perfect 10 on a scale of 1 through 10.

So it it possible to add the Spectrum TV app w/out breaking my legacy plan & if not satisfied or no longer need the TV app, can drop it & my current pricing remain the same? Really no new equipment involved, just an app, it would seem that Spectrum would want any revenue, being am on the same line as all of their 'genuine' customers. I'd actually prefer to pay for the app on a separate or standalone bill to avoid conflict.

Finally, how does pricing work? Some has stated that it starts low & over time, pricing rises to a certain max. As well as a lot of buffering at first, a relative had to leave both of her TV's on for 48 hours for the app to 'catch up' or whatever, had to do the same on her laptop. While the convenience of an app would be great, and not have to pay rental fees for two of their DVR's (the best quality yet more costly), what's the experience? I'd love to hear from those who has the app. Am also realistic, would expect on certain events such as the Super Bowl to see some buffering once the game begins, yet with infrastructre upgrades all the time, all may be fine.

Anyway, that's my two (or three questions). In particular, would like to hear how this applies to EarthLink Extreme customers. If we can even get it (I only need for NBC network) & not have to fiddel with antenna during NFL games. Or would I be better investing in a powerful multidirectional outdoor antenna? Any thoughts highly appreciated.

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