Can I appeal expiration date on DTV Coupons?


I just went to purchase a converter box for my 88 1/2 year old mother. She lives on $400 per month and we were waiting to purchase the boxes until finances permitted. At the store I was told the coupons had expired. It shocked me as I only had the coupons for a couple of months.

I have tried calling to re-order but based on what I heard I probably won’ get replacement coupons. I am checking for consumer support to see if I can appeal. Do you have any suggestions?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
To appeal your expired DTV Coupons, please refer to the following ways of contacting the U.S. Government Agency in charge of the coupon program, The National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA). This information is directly from the NTIA's Contact Us Page.

You may email the NTIA at the following online form:


You can send (with proper stamp) your appeal to their postal address:
TV Converter Box Coupon Program
PO Box 2000
Portland, OR 97208-2000

Please include your name, mailing address and the nature of your request or question when writing to us.
Deaf or hard of hearing callers can dial 1-877-530-2634 (English/TTY) or 1-866-495-1161 (Spanish/TTY). TTY Service is available from 9 AM - 9 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

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