Can i disable wireless feature of the receiver and use the coax or ethernet ports? -

Can i disable wireless feature of the receiver and use the coax or ethernet ports? -

My house is long and narrow. Behind the house, i have a detached garage with a bonus room above it. I do 90 percent of my tv watching in on wireless receivers in two rooms - 1) the living room at the very front of my house and 2) The bonus room. These rooms are about 60 feet apart, seperated by tons of walls (and my back yard). The technician who did the install placed the main DVR and access point in my master bedroom, which is my 3rd tv, because its about half way between the other two wireless receivers. On the day of the install, all my receivers worked fine. I had 3-4 green bars wireless strength on both receivers.

Since that time, the signal for the wireless receiver above the garage only shows 1 red bar, and i cant watch anything. Occasionally i can view some SD content, but i cant watch anything in HD and i cant watch any of my recorded programs. It regularly tells me that it cant connect to the DVR and to make sure i'm on the same network.

There is really nothing i can do to change the locations of the access point or wireless receiver. However, i dont even need to use wireless. My house is pre-wired for Ethernet and Coax. So, I tried connecting the receiver via ethernet and coax, with strange results.

Ethernet - I turned off the wireless receiver and connected an ethernet cable from the ethernet port in the wall (which i've verified is good as i have previously connected other devices to it) to the ether port on the back of the receiver.... and crazy stuff happened. My entire network went dead. All of my devices in my house lost internet connectivity. It wasnt until i unplugged all my att devices, left them off for 20 minutes, and connected them again (one at a time), that i got my network connection back.

Coax - Connected a brand new monoprice coax cable from the wall to the back of the wireless receiver - absolutely nothing happened. The TV still was using the wireless connection

So, that's what i've done so far. is there anything i can do to the Wireless receiver to "disable" the wireless feature so it will accept a signal over ethernet or coax instead?



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