Can I eliminate my cable costs with digital tv?

I find myself financially challenged and this second I have televisions that are cable ready, but would like to eliminate this cost.

With digital tv, can I eliminate my cable costs?

Thank you


For a one time small investment, yeah. And being in the Pasadena area you should be able to pick up beaucoups of
over-the-air digital channels. 25 to 30 free channels that will come in crystal clear most of the time.


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Thank you for the answer. My TVs are old, and I know that I'll need a dtv box, but I just want to make sure that I won't have to pay a monthly fee.
The only problem you might have is, you're going to need a digital-to-analog converter box for each TV. That is unless one of your TVs is built after 2006, but it must contain a digital tuner (which is like a converter box but built within your TV instead of being external).