Question: Can I get all my local stations?

We are getting ready to cut the cord and go to ota tv.

Here's our TV fool results. Screenshot 2016-06-06 at 8.30.45 PM.jpg
Screenshot 2016-06-06 at 8.38.51 PM.png

We need to get all the channels in green and yellow as well as the KXLT station that is in red.

Right now I'm looking at mounting these two antennas in our attic and then using a combiner into a preamp then split off into our house.

Here's my VHF antenna:

Here's the UHF one (it's the 70 mile version):

Should I be able to get all the stations in green and yellow on the chart as well as KXLT with this combination? We don't live on a hill - it's Iowa so it's very flat and we have some tree cover.

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It's just a repeater for the one about 60 miles away. I'll add another one if I need it but I should be able to get the further away one as I can even get that station with a small dinky antenna.

Otherwise does it look good?

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:welcome: Lewis

You can combine the UHF and VHF antennas pointing northeast by using a UVSJ (UHF-VHF-Signal-Joiner) not a standard splitter. KAAL-33 to your west is a problem because (in theory) you cannot add a third antenna to the combined pair in most cases.

For two same-band antennas to function properly together when combined using a standard splitter, the two antennas must be identical to ensure matched electrical characteristics across the spectrum. If aimed at a common target, the signals they collect are additive (signal gain) but if aimed in different directions they lose about 50% of the signals they collect: antenna 'A' sends its signal to your TV and to antenna 'B' where it is lost ... antenna 'B' sends its signals to your TV and to antenna 'A' where it is lost.

First, I would establish the VHF-UHF UVSJ combined pair without using an amplifier (if possible). Once you have solid reception from your northeast you can try to add a third antenna. I suspect you will end up with two separate coax runs and an A-B antenna switch.

The stations in my area are at 4 compass points so to establish reception, I have 4 separate coaxial circuits for five antennas and 4-way antenna switches in 4 rooms and I use no amplifiers. I was not able to combine any same-band antennas. Please keep us posted and good luck!



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Ok then, if you're not going to watch KAAL at all, then why are you trying to set up two Antennas ?
One good VHF-hi/UHF will cover all the signals from your 52-59 deg source.
I'm getting a VHF antenna and a good UHF antenna. I couldn't find one that had long range VHF and UHF together and would fit through our attic opening (it's small).

My main concern is just if the UHF antenna should pickup KXLT which is 57.9 miles away?

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The antenna survey is an estimation,so the signal levels are not guaranteed. Antennas mounted in attics are compromised by the building materials and anything near them that reflect RF signals. Metal roofs, metal siding and foil-backed insulation are very problematic. You would have a better chance with an outdoor setup.

I actually like your original plan. It can be more head ache them using a single high VHF/UHF combo antenna. I would guess that your original plan is to build something like Denny's stacker using Stellar Labs antennas.
Jim (Fringe Reception) made a very good point about potential for problems with attic installations.
While there have been some problems reported using the Stellar Labs UVSJ 33-2230 I think it is too early to condemn the product.

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