Question: Can I get the channels I want ?

Okay truth be told I've been interested in digtal/hd over the air for a while now. I just am hesitant to spend large quantities of money to have an antenna installed and have it flop. Anyways can anyone tell me if it is possible to have an antenna installed and get these channels?

These are the main channels I want to get

3.1 WSAZ (channel 23)
8.1 WCHS (channel 41)
11.1 WVAH (channel 19)
30.1 WQCW (channel 17)
33.1 WPBY (channel 51)

Channels that would take no effort (or very little to get)
15.1 WTAP (channel 49)
47.1 WYIE (channel 47)
22.1 WOVA (channel 22)

I used an old indoor antenna, and rigged it with a separator from an old dish receiver and an old UHF remote control antenna and received the channels above in between 11:30pm & 11:00am.
If you watch the video I had them on last night but around 11/11:30 all of them dropped except WTAP, WOVA WYIE and WPBY. I wouldn't mind getting WLPX either if it is possible but I couldn't get it to come in last night along with these other channels. So is there anyway I can get The Hunington/Charleston, WV locals with the right equipment?


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Would you mind running your TVfool with maybe a 25 or 30 foot antenna height. Many of the channels you say you were receiving are maked "tropo" on your current report, which, if true, would be unreliable at best. That's probably why WTAP has three networks. 15.1 NBC, 15.2 FOX, and 15.3 MyNetworkTV

WDTV is definitely receivable with a low-VHF antenna, but I'm guessing it's repeating WYIE?!?

On the other hand, given the crude nature of your antenna there may be some real potential out there!!!
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It looks like the CW in HD (WQCW) might be out of the question for me. :( I was hoping to get that and WCHS along with WTAP, WOVA, and WIYE (WIYE (CBS) is launching on Sept. 3rd) and WOVA (FOX) is already airing and will replace WTAPs Digital SD subchannel on Sept. 3rd.)

TV Fool - at 15ft (alot of channels are 1edge/2edge)
TV Fool - at 20ft
TV Fool - at 30ft (more tropo)


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It certainly wouldn't hurt anything to get a good quality 4 bay bowtie antenna and point it in that 203 - 221 degree magnetic direction. At minimum it would give you rock solid reception of your locals, and may even give you servicable reception of some of those others. I wouldn't say that other than you were already getting reception using your rabbitears loop with that splitter, etc. It isn't like that's exactly a high powered antenna. ;)

I have a similar TVfool and get stations that in theory "I shouldn't get" with no real reception problems.
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I think a straight run of good RG6 cable, with no splitter or joiners in the line, from a decent outdoor antenna placed as high as possible would provide you a reliable signal from several channels. I believe that antenna, cable and hardware would cost you under $100 - not wasted money, I assure you. If you are concerned about the money and you are handy, you could build your own 4 bay antenna for fairly cheap.

I suggest you try a few locations and heights on your roof to find a "sweet spot" for some of those edge signals.