Can I move my cable modem to a different room?


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Hi all,
I wanted to know if I can move my cable modem from one room to another on a different outlet? Is there anything special I need to do this and do I need to contact my cable company before or after I do it?



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You should be able to move your cable modem to any room with a cable outlet. I've moved my modem several times in my apartment. :)


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Depending on your cable provider, you can probably move your cable modem anywhere on the local cable system. So moving from one room to another is no problem.


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Sure you can. People often move their computers, so as long as you have it hooked up to the same cable connection, you'll be fine.


This actually didn't work for me, but then again we didn't get the cables connected in the bedrooms upstairs. Seems that even though the bedrooms are cable-ready, Comcast was charging an additional $30.00 for each installation in each room. If you have cable in your other rooms though it should be fine.


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Well that is the thing. You do have to have the cable connection there already. If you make it an 'additional' connection, there's a fee. However, you can just buy cable and extend it from the original room. Of course, then you have cable all over the place.