Can I use a converter box on a TV that already has a digital tuner?

I recently purchased a nice converter box, Ematic AT103B, that has recording capabilities. Wanted to use it on a flat screen that already has a digital tuner, but the tv wouldn't recognize the box. Is this normal, or is there something I can do so it recognizes it? Was also hoping the tuner in the converter box was better than the tv tuner, so we might get a bit stronger reception. Thanks, Ed
How did you hook it up to the TV? HDMI cable is the correct way to do it if you want HD. It should work if nothing else is defective, and the TV is set to the correct input.

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Steve's correct: it should be feeding one of your DTV's HDMI inputs and you need to go to your TV's menu to select that 'socket' for your TV to 'see' the new device. The coax from your antenna needs to go to a 2-way splitter that sends signals to the HDTV and to the Ematic converter box/recorder. Connected as above, you will be able to watch a show using your HDTV tuner while the Ematic records a show on a different channel, or watch the same program you are recording via the converter box.

I have a very similar device (ViewTV) and it requires a USB-3 (not USB-2) portable hard drive or thumb drive for recording: your box may as well.

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Ok, thanks, will try the hook up. Yes I know I need an external hard drive to record, and already have one picked out, just didn't want to pull the trigger until I knew the converter was working.
If you have any issues with signal strength I don't recommend a using splitter. In a similar application I've tried using a splitter, but in my situation two of the signals are too weak to survive the splitter loss. I do understand the convenience of using a splitter, but in my case I'll need to make needed antenna system improvements to make it work.
Using a splitter hooked to both the tuner on the TV, and the Ematic AT103B could be helpful in determining which tuner is better. When everything is set up, and working correctly by using a splitter you will be able to record one channel while watching another. The first line of business is to hook up the Ematic with one coax to the antenna, an HDMI cable to the TV, and get the new box working correctly with the TV.
The hook-up worked fine. I think the tuner on the EMATIC is a little better, and yes, I did notice a little bit of signal loss on the tv tuner with the splitter. But at least now I know how to hook up the EMATIC, and now I really need to attack my antenna situation. Thanks again, Ed

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