Can I use rabbit ears with a newer TV?


I don't know if I have a hdtv but I do have a converter box on it and can't get any channels. Can I hook up my old rabbit ears to it? It doesn't look like the connection will fit to the converter box.


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Yes you can, you may need a matching transformer balun to use it if it has old 300ohm connectors.

If you just want to try something now. You can make a paper clip antenna...get a metal paper clip and straighten it out, then insert in the RF F connector antenna in on the converter box. Keep it horizontal.


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What is your TVfool information, and the helpful knowledgable people here can recommend antenna solutions for you so you dont waste time and money.

Got to Input your location and antenna height in the boxes...then post a link here to the final page with the charts and graphs.


There's no such thing as a "digital" or "hdtv" antenna. If your rabbit ears worked ok on your old analog TV, they may be all you need for digital. If the connector won't fit and if you can't figure out what you need to make it fit the converter box, take the box & rabbit ears to a local radio shack and have them show you how/what you need to connect it. Or, just try a low priced antenna with the proper connector already on it, like this one, that often works well if you're not too far from the TV towers.