Can someone describe the Roku interface? - TWC TV and Apps

This question is about "Can someone describe the Roku interface?", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I've been told that when I switch to Spectrum, DTAs will no longer be available and I need a full set-top box for every TV. This isn't practical for a couple of my TVs - in particular one wall-mounted on the patio. The TW rep I was visiting with suggested Roku as one possible workaround.

How do you get the TW/Spectrum channels entered into the Roku system? The Roku guy tells me I have to manually enter every channel. Not that I really watch 100s of channels, but still...

Is there a channel guide? Can I see what is showing on a particular channel at a given time, possibly in the future?

I don't think I can go directly to a specific channel number like with the set-top box. Is there anything like a "previous channel" button so I can easily flip back and forth?

I'd just like to hear experiences from people who have tried it... reiiability, usability, etc.

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