can you get credit back for the coupons


My husband went and bought our 2 converter boxes and still paid over $40.00 for them. Can we return them and use our coupons to buy the boxes that are almost free?

Also is there a difference in the converter boxes or are they all basicly the same.

If anyone knows the answer please let me know!!!


He did use the coupons and still spent that much. I guess what I'm asking is if we return these items then will we be able to use the coupons to purchase replacements. The one's he bought were over 60.00 each and I can get them online and with the coupons and have only 10.00 additional cost instead to the over 40.00 now

Hope I made myself more clear,, never used this type of site before
once the coupons have been used they cannot be used again they cannot be reloaded. so you need to keep the ones you have. the only way to return them is for a replacement not a refund.


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might have to check the store policy, but i doubt they'll let you do that

should have bought them with the coupons in the first place
I've purchased a couple of dtv boxes at Walmart, and after realizing they weren't as good as the Apex brand, I went back and exchanged them for the Apex boxes. Like Staticstem said, some stores will let you exchange a converter box for another converter box, but they will not credit your dtv coupons with funds.

I've also seen a post on here somewhere, where someone returned their converter box to a store, and the store didn't give them anything back, so they lost out on their coupons. :eek:
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