Evaluation: Can you identify this antenna!


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Antenna: It's got some damage, but it does appear to be uhf/vhf, and it looks pretty big. I would say if you are up to refurbishing it, sure.

Tower: a 30 foot tower is not cheap, new or used - anywhere from a few hundred $$ on up. If you have a use for it, by all means get it.
The real question is: do you actually need that monstrosity?
Have you been talking to my wife? :). The antenna, no. I will be putting up a C5 antenna on it. The tower?.....probably not, but free is free. The higher I go, the better my pull should be. City will only let me go 35 feet though. I don't know......man thing I guess.


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Oh, I thought u meant the antenna, as both photos were centred on it, and the topic title is asking to identify it. Take the tower! :D
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Just out of curiosity, could you post a link to your TV fool report, and if you could do 2 reports - one at 10 feet and one at 40 feet? we could give you some good advice on what to put on that tower.

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Nebraska. That says a lot: You need that tower. And probably those antennas, or something like them, too.

The big multiband antenna was pointing SSW to get channel 5 (VHF-lo),11 and 13 (VHF-hi) and 19, 28 (UHF). I am assuming that smaller antenna is a VHF-hi unit pointing East for channels 8 and 10.

Seriously, I would probably drop $150-$200 or so on a new deep fringe VHF / UHF combo antenna and a nice VHF-hi antenna - and another $50 for new coax. At 40 feet up on a tower, you want to put everything up right the first time. I would also note how the current set-up is wired before it is disassembled. It looks like there is a pre-amp there too, you may be able to re - use it. But all the coax should be replaced with good rg6 quad shield.

You might want to go to RabbitEars.Info and see what other channels and subchannels are available.
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In that area, the only UHF signal is KHNE. KTVG is off the air, probably permanently. 10 and 11 simulcast, so only one or the other is needed. The lineup is as follows:

5-1 NBC
5-2 This TV
8-1 ABC
8-2 Live Well
10-1/11-1 CBS
10-2/11-2 My Network TV
13-1 ABC
13-2 Fox
29-1 PBS
29-2 World
29-3 Create

- Trip


If you need both UHF and VHF AND a pre-amp, the BEST way to go is seperate antennas combined by a UHF/VHF pre-amp, excellent dedicated VHF and UHF antennas are generally about the same price as combo antennas and they work better too.


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He has already been getting the local stations with the C5, but since he has been getting stations from long distances, I guess he wants to DX. One nice thing about Nebraska is the spectrum grabbers don't want VHF!!!
Decided to pass on the tower. The city I live in will only allow me to go up to 35' anyway. I took down a different tower a few weeks ago, and I think I can get 30' out of it. Yes, I'll be putting my C5 up on the mast of this tower. Maybe someday down the road I'll put a rotator on it, but for now, it seems to do really good just pointed at about 245*.

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