Can you use hard wired ethernet to genie 54 - DirecTV

I added ethernet cable from router to genie 54 which previously was using wifi for internet connectivity.
I cannot get the genie to recognize that the ethernet is now plugged in and to use it instead of the wifi.
I have rebooted often and talked to att directv support. Their answer is that the ethernet port on the 54
cannot be used in this way and that the 54 only uses wireless. Is this true ? Does anyone have hardwired ethernet working including sharing on demand with mini genies? Im tired of slow speeds of wifi and tired of rebooting twice a week to get the wifi reconnected. I would like to use hard wired ethernet instead. There is no DECA at the genie or the 2 minis. There may be one in the attic but there is no ethernet there. Hence the desire to use the ethernet cable directly into the genie.

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